History of the Eagle Quarter MIdget

We started quarter midget racing in 1975 with our first purchase of a quarter midget and old Curtiss car. In 1976 and '77, Ellis helped build 26 Frog quarter midget's. He got the bug to build quarter midget's then.
Ellis and son, Cris, raced until 1985. After that, they sold everything out.
We missed quarter midgets and got back in the sport supporting other kids racing until 1992.
In 1992, we decided to sell quarter midget race cars and parts. We still continued to race and support other drivers. We started manufacturing quarter midget race componets in the early 1990's. Ellis wanted to build quarter midget race cars again using his own ideas. In 1997, we built the Eagle I. It was unveiled at the winter indoor races in Columbus, Ohio. As time progressed, we gained more technology and built the Eagle II ~ a much sleeker car. The technology we received from the Eagle II allowed us to build in even more improvements leading to the Eagle III.
Building from the improvements made to the Eagle III, we met with an Indy car owner to discuss new ideas for implementation into the next generation of Eagle quarter midgets ~ the Eagle IV. The Eagle IV has been in production for nearly 7 years. In building the Eagle quarter midget - safety is our first concern, speed is second. The safety of each child who sits in the seat of an Eagle quarter midget matters to us as though they were our own. The Eagle IV quarter midget is built to not only to protect, but to also perform. And perform they do! The sleek design of the Eagle IV has proven, time and time again, to be very competitive on the track. The Eagle IV continues to be one of the most advanced quarter midgets in the market place. Eagle quarter midgets are proud to claim numerous wins at the local, regional, and national levels of competition.
Looking to the future, SSS Racing Ent. Inc. remains commited to continuing their efforts in building safe and fast quarter midgets using the latest technological advancements.

Sincerely ~ Ellis, Rebecca, & Stephan Shell, SSS Racing Ent. Inc.

Eagle Quarter Midgets

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